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‘Our Changing Environment’

Economist R. Jisung Park and political scientist Alice Xu address climate change in an event hosted by the School of Social Policy & Practice.

November 06, 2023

Climate change is driving an increase in the frequency and scale of major natural disasters like floods, windstorms, earthquakes, or droughts with a devastating effect on how and where people are able to live.

As part of its ongoing speaker series, the School of Social Policy & Practice (SP2) hosted an event on “Climate Refugees: The Implications of our Changing Environment,” with SP2 assistant professors R. Jisung Park and Alice Xu, both of whom study climate change from an interdisciplinary perspective. Park, an economist, has published papers on the human capital consequences of natural disasters and how the green energy transition may contribute to labor market inequity. Xu, a political scientist, studies public goods and political polarization and how political competition facilitated deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon. 

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