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One Health@Penn

Penn Vet student holding a dog

A growing recognition of the intimate connection between humans, animals, and the environment has underscored that an interdisciplinary, multisectoral strategy is crucial to address complex health challenges. This has come to be known as the One Health approach. Building on the strengths of Penn’s School of Veterinary Medicine, in collaboration with Penn’s Master of Public Health (MPH) Program, this research community engages an even broader partnership to tackle daunting global health issues– extending One Health@PennVet to One Health@Penn.

Co-led by Jenni Punt, Associate Dean for One Health and Professor of Immunology at Penn Vet, Julie C. Ellis, Co-Director of the Wildlife Futures Program at Penn Vet, Hillary Nelson, Director of the MPH Program, and Brittany Watson, Professor of Clinical Studies and Advanced Medicine at Penn Vet, the OneHealth@Penn research community focuses on the challenges raised by the rapidly changing climate. The interdisciplinary problem-solving framework of One Health@Penn addresses global concerns like agricultural sustainability, food security, emerging zoonoses, natural and anthropogenic disasters, biodiversity loss, and antimicrobial resistance. One Health@Penn convenes faculty, staff, and students across campus in collaborative opportunities in education and research, such as journal clubs, seminar series, and course plans.

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Penn Vet students help to vaccinate a dog

Dr. Brittany Watson (far right) helps Penn Vet students vaccinate a dog at Pets For Life on World Veterinary Day. (Photo: John Donges/Penn Vet)

Research/Work in Progress 2023-2024

Join the One Health@Penn’s monthly seminar series, open to the University community, to meet faculty, staff, and students from diverse scholarly backgrounds who are committed to identifying One Health related challenges and opportunities.

Join the online monthly seminar series via Zoom

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"… a new generation of students with tools to address the ‘wicked problems’ arising from the complex relationship among human, animal, and environmental health - a relationship that is increasingly disrupted by climate change."

– Jenni Punt, Penn Vet